Texture and motion are key elements in my jewelry. I use Precious Metal Clay exclusively because it allows me to achieve the texture and sculptural feel that I want for each piece. My jewelry is wired together so that each shape can move individually. This motion gives life to each piece as it is worn!

If you've never heard of Precious Metal Clay (or PMC), it is truly an amazing material.  Developed in Japan in the early 1990s, it consists of microscopic particles of silver that are combined with water and an organic binder to make a clay-like material. This material is sculpted and fired in a kiln, where the water and binder burn away and the microscopic particles of silver fuse together. After this fusion is complete all that remains is pure silver (called Fine Silver)!

After my pieces are fired, I grind them with a stone to produce a shimmering matte finish.  Some pieces are also drilled and wired together to give them motion.

All chains and findings are made of sterling silver.  I use Argentium sterling silver for ear wires and connecting wires.  Argentium is a tarnish resistant form of sterling silver which means less polishing for you!

= Cleaning Your Jewelry=

It's easy to maintain the matte finish of my pieces by brushing them with an old toothbrush and toothpaste or baking soda.  If you polish them with a silver cloth, they will take on a shiny silver finish and the matte finish will disappear.

To clean chains, polish with a silver polishing cloth.


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